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Mike O’Hagan

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Mike is a sought after presenter for business & industry events across Australia and the World – where he shares his unique insights about Business growth models, including improving Business Cash flow and Profits through a principle of “World’s Best Value”.

His presentations are equally relevant to all Entrepreneurial thinkers, irrespective of the industry type, from pre-start-ups, to micro, small and medium, up to large even listed businesses. Your event attendees will benefit with practical tips that they can implement immediately to improve their business as well as discover new opportunities that are available to them.

Having Mike as a Speaker for your next event is an inspiration as you are learning firsthand from a practicing Serial Entrepreneur and are certain to walk away with practical actions you can implement immediately to improve your business and cash flow.


Mike’s business career started with buying and selling goods as a second-hand dealer. Four years later, the entrepreneur in Mike surfaced when he launched a short distance furniture removal business. This evolved into MiniMovers. MiniMovers has evolved into an innovative market leader, growing from an initial investment of $200 and a Ute, to an annual turnover exceeding $23 million with over 320 employees. Now 25 years old, MiniMovers currently moves over 1200 homes and offices a week in Southeast Queensland, Melbourne and Sydney.
Through various government sponsored assistance/mentoring programs Mike has helped many hundreds of businesses. As a result Mike has developed some very alternative views of the success factors that drive people and businesses. Mike sees his strengths in his basic common sense approach - "out of the box" thinking, leadership, systems, marketing, people management skills, workplace culture, innovative products, and creative customer service strategies.


In 2010 , Mike’s Australian business was affected by the GFC. It plunged into a +$1Million a year loss. Using Offshoring strategies – his own people, in his own space – trained and managed to his processes with his work culture – Mike turned the loss into a substantial profit – within a few months. He followed this up by using his Philippines team to build a new way to market to new customers and added new services to the business, which were possible due only to the lower costs. Mike returned to Australia and shared this with other business owners. They didn’t “get it”. Until an informal group of 10 business friends asked Mike to show them the opportunities in Manila. During a rather disorganised week Mike showed his business friends the Offshoring Opportunities he was seeing and using. At the end of the week everyone raved about what they had learned – MikesManilaTours was born.