Mike O'Hagan

Mike is a sought after presenter for business & industry events across Australia and the World – where he shares his unique insights about Business growth models, including improving Business Cash flow and Profits through a principle of “World’s Best Value”. 

His presentations are equally relevant to all Entrepreneurial thinkers, irrespective of the industry type, from pre-start-ups, to micro, small and medium, up to large even listed businesses.   Your event attendees will benefit with practical tips that they can implement immediately to improve their business as well as discover new opportunities that are available to them.

Having Mike as a Speaker for your next event is an inspiration as you are learning firsthand from a practicing Serial Entrepreneur and are certain to walk away with practical actions you can implement immediately to improve your business and cash flow.

Mike was born a Kiwi moving to Australia at the age of 17.  For the next 10 years Mike moved around Australia, doing a wide range of jobs.

At the age of 28 Mike formally started in business – initially as a Second-hand dealer buying and selling anything of value. He successfully bootstrapped this business to 3 shops with a steady profit. However, he was working 7 days a week, effectively 90 hours a week while earning much the same as his staff who were working 40 hours a week. Disillusioned with how he had been encouraged to “work in his business” Mike broke away from the “managing” mindset and became an Entrepreneur.

At the age of 34 he started and grew an Australia-wide short distance removal business – MiniMovers. This business topped $30M turnover with 500 staff.
In 2007, Mike exited the day to day of this business (still retaining full family ownership) and started educating himself. He completed a 3 year Masters in Entrepreneurship programme at MIT in Boston USA; he became a Commissioner on the Fair Pay Commission charged with setting the Minimum Wages in Australia; and he took up several Board positions.

In 2010 his Australian business was affected by the GFC. It hit his businesses hard. It plunged into a +$1Million a year loss. However, after a lot of different strategies in place, Mike turned the loss into a substantial profit – only within a few months.
Mike believes business models are rapidly changing. He’s seeing micro business owners living in remote places accessing top end low cost resources to run and develop their businesses.

High performance is no longer the mantra of big business – the cost and resource playing field is now level – with smaller businesses more adept at swift decision-making and change shining though.

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Takeaways include:

1. Practical tips and ideas to build a growth culture

2. A change in mindset/view of business and what everyone can get from their business

3. An insight into the opportunities technology and globalisation are creating.

4. Less emphasis on "money" and more on product and delivery, including outstanding customer experiences as the key drivers to wealth.