Speaking Topics


1. Do You Own a Business or a Job

Discover the entrepreneurial difference.  Learn the importance of the freedom to make more choices in your business.  You can choose to work hard every day if you love to do that, but with a truly successful business, you can also choose not to and still earn the income that you desire.  Understand how implementing a global approach to your business can catapult that income and open up more opportunities and choices.

2. Keynote Address

Be inspired as Mike introduces the blueprint of introducing a Global Business Approach to industry and business event attendees.  Understand how large corporates and small business owners alike are using this strategy to improve their profitability.

3. Niched or not?

Learn the exact steps and strategies that many business owners, across many industries, have implemented to transform their businesses from struggling cash-sucking time-draining monsters into lucrative profitable income-generating masterpieces, using a global business approach.  Understand the relevance of refining their niche or broadening their approach to a more generalist style.

4. Insider Business Entrepreneur Tips

Ever wished you could get inside the head of a successful entrepreneur? Discover the secrets to Mike O’Hagan’s success and benefit from his experience as he outlines some of the pitfalls to avoid in business. In this fun presentation he reveals the key strategy that has had the largest positive impact on his business journey.

5. You’re paying how much? The Entrepreneurs Expenditure Guide.

When the profits are just not where you want them to be, or in fact are going backwards, you need to closely examine your expenditure in all aspects. Learn how Mike O’Hagan’s award winning short distance removal business was almost devastated by the GFC and the steps he took to rapidly return it to profitability. Learn also how you can use these steps to improve your business.

6. Why Outsourcing SUCKS! NEW

Mike O’Hagan presents to Business Owners the shortcomings and BIG advantages for staffing options available to SME’s in today’s Marketplace without losing your present Australian staffing.

During the GFC – Minimovers was in trouble with changing customer habits and falling profit margins. Listen to how in this situation, he saved over 200 Australian jobs and grew business to a new level of operation.